Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Music Festival, Horse Racing and Central Forest Reserve?

The 2005 St. Kitts Music Festival is fast approaching and as usual, there are lots of press releases and news items to tell you more about the festival. Here is the link to a new page with some information about the St. Kitts Music Festival.

Did you know that after decades of absense, horse racing will return to St Kitts in September? Read here for more information.

The Central Forest Reserve, i.e the area above the 1000 foot contour is to be designated as a protected area. More information available here.

Interested in coming down for the St Kitts Music Festival, the return of horseracing or to enjoy hiking in the tropical rain forest? You will definitely want to read about the great deals that are available in the DSKNB Online Travel Booking Engine.


Amicia Mussenden
Your St Kitts and Nevis Guide

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