Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kim Collins wins Silver Medal at Pan Am Games 2011

St. Kitts sprint icon Kim Collins has done it again. After breaking the 28 year record in the 100m Pan American Games in semi-finals 2 of the 100m, in Guadalajara, Mexico on the evening of Monday October 24, 2011, Kim won the silver medal in the 100m final on Tuesday evening (October 25, 2011). Congratulations Kim for winning the silver medal, St. Kitts and Nevis' first medal from the Pan Am games. Click on the video below to to view the 100m final with commentary in Spanish.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Scuba Diving in St. Kitts

A great article written by Terry Crookes for the Discover St Kitts Beaches website.  Thanks Terry for such a great article complete with photos and links to you St. Kitts scuba diving resource.

Scuba Diving in St Kitts

Scuba diving in St Kitts, not a phrase that immediately comes to mind when thinking of Caribbean scuba diving.

The Island of St Kitts has been described as "The Undiscovered Jewel" of the Caribbean because it is only in recent years that tourists have begun enjoying what St Kitts has to offer. Likewise it is only recently that scuba diving tourists have discovered the range and variety of dive sites that St Kitts (and its sister island Nevis) offers. Sport Diver magazine described St Kitts as "some of the prettiest diving in the Caribbean" and gave it a 5 star rating, pretty good for an island where the diving is relatively undeveloped. By undeveloped I mean that the St Kitts scuba diving sites are relatively little dived and very few show any signs of human activity. There are only 3 dive operators in St Kitts (1 in Nevis) and it is rare indeed for 2 dive boats to be on the same site.

To read the full article visit Scuba Diving in St Kitts.