Sunday, December 19, 2004

Search for Pages on Discover St Kitts Nevis

In one of my earlier posts I told you how you can find pages at Discover St Kitts Nevis by using my site index. I have now added a search box to some of my pages, that you can use to search my website. Overtime I'll add the search box to all of the pages to make it even easier for you to search my site from any of the pages. There is also a dedicated search page where you can go to search my site.

To try out searching my site, use the search page at Discover St Kitts Nevis If you dont't find the information you are searching for you can try searching the web (check the web radio button on the for and try your search again). You may also contact me using the form on the contact us page. If you are enquiring about a tour, please use the tour enquiry page. If you have a general question about St Kitts and Nevis ask about it here.

I hope you enjoy searching through my site.

Amicia Mussenden
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